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vorit●e woman pr〓esident,' 〓which we can●'t do because it ha○s all been men," sh■e said.Ano○ther memorable exc■hange occurred wh○en Biden — w〓ho didn't ●face any real a●ttacks from his riv●als — was as◆ked about curbing〓 violence agains○t women and responde◆d awkwardly.◆"We have to just 〓change the cul◆ture," he sai●d. "And ke◆ep punching○ at it. And punc◆hing at it.● And punching at i〓t."Harris scrapped ●with another low p■olling can●didate: Hawaii■ Rep. Tulsi○ Gabbard, who has ●criticized promi○nent Democrats,◆ including 2◆016 nominee Hilla◆ry Clinton."I thi●nk that it's unfor●tunate that we hav◆e someone o●n the stage● who is att●empting to be the〓 Democrati■c nominee f○or the presiden◆t of the United Stat●es who dur■ing the Obama 〓administration spent◆ four years ful◆l time on Fox News c●riticizing preside○nt Obama," H●arris said."I'm● not going to put ■party interests■ first," Gabbard ○responded.But the d〓iscussion kept find●ing its way 〓back to Medica●re for All, wh〓ich has dominated ◆the primary○ — es●pecially for● Warren. She ●released pl●ans to raise more t〓han 20 trill○ion U.S. dollars in ●new governm■ent revenue for ●universal healthc◆are. But she also ◆said implem●entation of the prog●ram may take three○ years &mdash〓; drawing criti○cism both f〓rom moderates l〓ike Biden and But○tigieg, who think s〓he's trying to dista●nce herself from 〓an unpopular idea, a〓nd Sanders sup〓porters, w〓ho see the■ Massachus○etts senator'◆s commitment to● Medicare for All 〓wavering.Sanders ma〓de a point of sayin■g Wednesday that ●he'd send Medica■re for All l

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